3 Car Gadgets You’ll Wish You Had

February 15th, 2018 by

Getting stranded because of a dead car battery, or worse, a dead phone battery is not a situation you want to find yourself in. Whether you’ve got a brand new car with top-notch technology or a used vehicle that needs a few upgrades, there are always new gadgets to make driving even better. These car gadgets not only make driving easier and more entertaining, but some of them could also potentially save you from a whole lot of hassle.

Portable Jumper Cables

Traditional jumper cables are great and are a valuable item to have in the event that your battery dies. The trouble with traditional jumper cables is that you need to have a functioning vehicle to attach the other end of the jumper cables to. If you’re out in the middle of nowhere on a road trip or lost somewhere without cell phone reception when your car battery dies, those jumper cables aren’t going to help.

What you should have is a set of portable jumper cables that don’t need to be plugged into another vehicle in order to jump-start your car. A jump starter kit is a portable battery source that allows you to jump-start your car without needing anyone else around. This gadget is a must if you plan on going camping or traveling in more remote areas.

Bluetooth Car Kit

Most new vehicles now come with Bluetooth connectivity so that you can seamlessly connect your smartphone to your car’s entertainment system. If, however, you drive an older vehicle that doesn’t have that technology, it can be kind of a bummer as well as dangerous and illegal if you are using your phone while you drive.

With a Bluetooth car kit, you can wirelessly connect your iPhone, iPad, or Android device to your vehicle so that you can listen to your music, play your favorite Spotify playlists, put on the latest podcast, and even make hands-free phone calls without ever needing to take your hands off the wheel. Most of the systems also include a USB charger so that you can plug your phone in and keep it charged up while you’re on the road.

Smart Car Adapter

If you want a gadget that will keep you abreast of everything that’s happening under the hood of your car, consider investing in a smart car adapter. Smart car adapters plug into your car’s onboard diagnostics port and tell you everything from engine diagnostics to where you parked your car.

The adaptor links to an app that you can download on your phone so you can constantly check up on things like how much gas you have left in the car. You can also use it to call for help in an emergency, to check your trip history, and even keep track of the car if you lend it to your teenage children.

Car gadgets are a great way to upgrade your vehicle without spending a fortune or feeling like you need to trade in for the latest model. There are so many great technologies out there that make driving easier, safer, and more fun.

Chevrolet Introduces MyLink via Flickr by DrivingtheNortheast, used under CC BY 2.0