4 Steps for Finding the Right Used Car

April 13th, 2017 by

Used Cars | Mesa, AZ | Rocky's Auto CreditFinding the right used car requires more careful planning than simply browsing through the local car magazine and picking a car that you think looks good. You’ll need to do your research so that the car meets your expectations and doesn’t turn out to be a lemon. Below you’ll find some practical steps to find your ideal used car that meets your expectations in terms of budget, features, and reliability. 

Figure Out What Type of Car You Need

As nice as it is to drive a good-looking car, you need to delve further into your needs rather than basing your decision on superficial things like aesthetics when choosing a used car. Examine in detail your exact needs and you’ll get closer to choosing the right car.

Consider how many people you’ll need to transport. If you’ll be driving your family around, you’ll want a mid-size sedan or perhaps an SUV. You’ll also need to consider how often you’ll be driving your car. If it’ll be used every day, you need to start looking at options with good fuel economy. Other issues worth deliberating include the safety features you want, whether you’ll be using the vehicle for towing, and the type of transmission you want to drive. Answering these questions will get you much closer to your ideal used car than merely deciding based on looks.

Read Reviews

Now that you’ve established your needs, you’ll likely have narrowed your choice down to a certain subcategory of vehicles, such as family sedans. The next step is to read some reviews about vehicles in that category and decipher which models you should look out for in the used car market. Many review sites come with a comparison tool so you can compare important facets of each vehicle easier. The idea of this stage is to inform yourself of the models you need to look out for in the used car market and the ones you can ignore.

Arrange a Viewing

Never buy a used car without first inspecting it. Once you’ve decided what models you want, and you’ve found someone selling that model, you need to arrange a viewing. The best time to view a car is during a clear day because you can properly inspect the paintwork and the condition of the engine. A rainy day is a poor time to arrange a viewing. Not only will rain impede your inspection of the engine or bodywork, you’re more inclined to rush a purchase and make a hasty decision just to get out of the rain.

Drive the Car

If everything seems in good condition, including the interior, exterior, and engine, the next step is to take the car out on a test drive to see if it drives well. Any seller with faith in his or her used vehicle will have no problem with you requesting a test drive before purchase.

Remember, buying a car is a huge investment of money, so you want to get it right. Following these four simple steps should ensure you get your ideal used car.


Image via Flickr by microraptor