4 Things Every Car Owner Should Know

November 22nd, 2018 by

A vehicle is one of the costliest items that most people will ever own. Keeping it in great condition is essential for the best trade-in value and your family’s safety. Here are some things every car owner should know about.

  1. Checking Tire Pressure

Underinflated tires can reduce your car’s mileage and cause additional wear by contacting more of the road than properly inflated tires. They can also overheat and interfere with traction. This shortens stopping distances and makes accidents more likely.

Most vehicles have a small light on the dashboard that can warn you if one of your tires is low. To find out which of your tires has an issue, you should buy a tire gauge from an auto parts store. Check your tire pressure often, and fill your tires at a gas station if needed. If you have to do it more than once a month, you could need a repair or a replacement. New tires can lower your fuel costs and keep you from getting stranded because of a flat.

  1. Making an Emergency Kit

If you have an accident or a breakdown, you might need to wait a few hours for a tow truck. If your cell phone doesn’t pick up a signal, you might have to sit around even longer until help arrives. Prevent boredom with a few books, and make sure you have enough water and food for one or two days. You can just keep some bottles of water and trail mix in your trunk. You should also make sure you have a first aid kit with extra doses of any medications you and your family members take regularly, as well as basics like bandages and an extra blanket.

  1. Being Aware of Potential Issues

If you don’t have your vehicle maintained regularly, you could miss problems like a dirty air filter, a leaky radiator, or worn brake pads. These issues can get worse over time and cause expensive breakdowns. Have your car checked by a mechanic regularly, and watch for signs of potential issues, like low fuel efficiency, overheating, trouble accelerating, and strange noises or smells. You should also be aware of your check engine light, your oil light, your low fuel light, and other warnings on your dashboard.

  1. Driving in Bad Weather

Even if you live in a place that usually has warm, beautiful weather like Arizona, you should know how to drive in rain or snow. That way, you can feel confident behind the wheel in poor conditions. Drive slowly and make sure there’s plenty of room to stop at lights and in traffic. Make sure both of your windshield wipers work well and keep an ice scraper in your car for your windshield.

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