5 Best Chinese Restaurants in Mesa

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When the craving for Chinese food hits, the last thing you want is limp vegetables and mushy rice. For the best Chinese food in Mesa, here are five excellent Chinese restaurants to visit.

Golden Gate Chinese Restaurant

This family-owned restaurant has been serving delicious Chinese cuisine in Mesa for nearly 30 years. The decor and ambiance are inviting. In the center of the restaurant is a fish tank and water feature that customers use as a wishing well and toss coins in. Once seated, a pot of hot oolong tea is served and you are treated to complimentary wonton chips. Their crab angels, hot and sour soup, and Mongolian Beef are winners. The restaurant is open for lunch and dinner and is a great option for a sit-down meal.

Asian Cafe Express

When you head to Asian Cafe Express, expect a no-frills environment but delicious Chinese food. The food is authentic, flavorful, and portions are generous at affordable prices. This is a great place for grabbing a quick takeout. If you’re eating in, you’ll find some chili oil on the table that makes a great complement to many of their dishes. Asian Cafe Express specializes in Hong Kong-style cuisine. The menu is huge and it may take a while to pick a dish. Try some of the Hong Kong style drinks like the Hong Kong Style Coffee with Milk Tea.

Dim Sum Cafe

If you’re looking for the best dim sum in Mesa, stop in at the Dim Sum Cafe. The dim sum is ordered from the menu and not from strolling carts. That means your dim sum is cooked to order and arrives at your table piping hot. The chef at Dim Sum Cafe has over 15 years experience in Arizona making steamed buns, dumplings, pot stickers, and rice noodle rolls. Excellent choices here are the Xiao Long Bao served with a dipping sauce of black vinegar with ginger slices and the shrimp dumplings.

Ginger Zing

If you don’t feel like venturing out, order a delivery from Ginger Zing by telephone or online. You’ll find a selection of Chinese, Japanese, and Thai food on the menu. Starters include Cheese Puffs, Crispy Dumplings, and Edamame. Must-try mains are the Mandarin Orange Chicken and Chicken Pad Thai and vegetarians will enjoy the Crispy Tofu. There is also a small kids menu. Pricing is reasonable with an extra $2.50 for delivery. For orders $30 and more, you’ll get 10 buttermilk biscuits for free.

Beijing Noodle House

Beijing Noodle House makes their noodles in-house. Whether you’re ordering a noodle soup or their Dan Dan Noodles, Beijing Noodle House serves up tasty generous portions. Noodles aren’t all they serve, though. There’s also delicious cumin pork or lamb, dumplings, and items like scallion pancakes. If you really feel like indulging, order the Beijing Roast Duck. Vegetarian options include Black Fungus with Green Onions and Eggplant with Soy Bean Sauce, both rich and flavorful.

Whether you’re eating in, grabbing a takeout, or ordering a delivery, Mesa in Arizona has some superb Chinese restaurants to satisfy your craving for authentic Chinese food.


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