Can I Get In-House Used Car Financing?

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If you’re concerned that a low credit score means you can’t get approved for a car loan, don’t worry — you have options! You just need to look beyond typical auto loans and find out more about how auto financing works! Many Mesa drivers aren’t aware that you can choose between financing with a bank or a dealership. With in-house financing, you take out an auto loan with your dealership, rather than the bank, as your lender.

Keep reading to learn how in-house financing can free you up to purchase a great used vehicle, even if you have a bad or no credit. Contact the Rocky's Auto Credit finance center to ask us anything about car-buying — and be sure to check out our inventory of in-house financing used cars!

More Benefits of In-House Financing Used Cars

In-house financing is a simple solution if you’ve experienced challenges with credit, bankruptcy, or foreclosure. Unlike banks, used car lots with in-house financing work with you on a customized financing plan to fit your budget. In-house financing car lots can also take a wider view of your financial situation instead of relying heavily on your credit score to approve or deny your application. At Rocky's Auto Credit, our goal is finding a way to get your loan approved! Further benefits of in-house financing for used cars include:

  • Faster approval. With everything you need in one place, the application and approval process is much faster when you opt for in-house financing.
  • One application. When you’re struggling to overcome financial challenges, the auto loan process becomes a lot more labor-intensive, often requiring multiple applications to lenders. With in-house financing, you send just one application to your dealership.
  • No credit? No worries. Typical auto loans leave you no choice but to raise your credit score. The problem is, raising your score back up to a good territory can take years – but many Glendale drivers need a car today – not two years from now! In-house financing cars provide an immediate solution to your daily travel needs.

Get Great Value with In-House Financing on Used Cars

Choosing a used or certified pre-owned vehicle at in-house financing car lots around Phoenix is a great way to maximize value. If the latest tech is important to you in your next Tempe car, low-mileage CPO vehicles deliver extensively advanced features at a lower price. If you’re looking for overall quality on a budget, you also find excellent value in an older but well-maintained high-end vehicle. In-house financing cars provide an option for every lifestyle and budget!

Visit Our In-House Financing Car Lot in Mesa

Searching for used cars in-house financing near me? Rocky's Auto Credit offers easy online car financing and fair prices on quality used vehicles. Don’t just take our word for it — let our customers tell you why you should choose us for in-house financing! Have additional car-buying questions, like whether you need full coverage on a used financed car or how to sell your car? Head to our car-buying information center to learn more before you visit us at our in-house financing car lot!

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