Should I Buy or Lease a Used Car?

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Have you been busy searching for your next vehicle in Phoenix? Once you determine whether you want to treat yourself to a brand-new ride or save on an affordable pre-owned car, one important question remains: should I buy or lease? If you’re uncertain which option is a better fit for your budget, the Rocky's Auto Credit finance center can help. Review our quick guide down below to compare the benefits when you lease vs. finance a car! 

Financing a Used Car

One of the major perks of used cars is that they’re a lot cheaper to finance than new cars because they’ve already experienced the bulk of depreciation. With this in mind, many Glendale drivers desiring to finance a vehicle opt for a used car to get an affordable monthly payment. Here are some of the benefits that accompany financing:

  • No Mileage Restrictions: As you compare leasing vs. buying, mileage restrictions is a major point of consideration. Lease agreements always include a mileage limit that, if exceeded, will incur an extra fee you need to pay. When you finance a vehicle, there are no mileage limits involved. If you have a high-mileage commute, financing is probably the best option. 
  • Financing to Own: When you finance a vehicle, you’re working toward total ownership with each payment you make. You can keep the vehicle as long as you please!
  • Modifications: If you have big dreams of customizing or modifying a vehicle with performance upgrades or a lift kit, financing allows you to move forward without hesitation. Leasing, on the other hand, doesn’t afford such freedom because you’re expected to return the vehicle to the dealership in its original condition.
  • Sell When You’re Ready: Because you own your financed vehicle, you can sell it any time you see fit. 
  • Flexibility for Bad Credit: If you’re worried about a bad credit score or you’ve recently experienced a serious financial setback, there are often credit assistance programs or no credit check car financing options you can pursue. 
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Leasing a Used Car

Used car leasing is less common, but possible. If you’re not looking to own a vehicle long-term but want to secure an affordable monthly payment, leasing could be a good option. Here are some key benefits of car leasing in Mesa: 

  • Budget-Oriented Payments: The monthly payment and down payment are typically lower for leased vehicles, even more so when the vehicle is pre-owned.
  • Less Sales Tax: You can save a lot on initial costs when you lease a vehicle. Most notably, many states only require car-buyers to pay sales tax on their down payment and monthly payments. 
  • Flexible Lease-End Options: When your lease agreement expires, you have several options to consider. You could simply return the leased vehicle and take some time to think about your next move, or you could trade-in to start another lease right away. If you love the leased vehicle you’ve been driving, you could also negotiate a lease buyout for a fantastic price. 

Compare Leasing vs. Buying at Rocky's Auto Credit 

If you’re still struggling to decide between the option to lease vs. finance a car, we can help you make a smart decision at Rocky's Auto Credit! We can also help if you are unsure if you can you take over a car lease. Our experts provide trusted car-buying tips for our Tempe customers, so you can move forward with confidence once you find a used vehicle you love in our inventory. Contact us at your convenience or simply visit us in Mesa to learn more!

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