Get Your Fitness on With These Phoenix Classes

December 7th, 2017 by

Woman in black and white doing a lunge at a Pilates class.Are you ready to lose weight, tone up for beach season, or just stay in shape and have fun with some other Phoenix residents? Visiting the gym is a good choice, but you can step up your exercise regimen by joining one of the city’s many fitness courses. These five classes provide a new and motivating way to stay in shape. Try at least one of them to help you meet your health goals this year.

Movestrong at TriFIT Wellness

The Movestrong course at TriFIT Wellness (505 East Camelback Road) is an excellent choice for beginners who want to start their training from scratch. Under the guidance of a personal trainer, 10 or fewer classmates will go through a boot-camp style exercise routine that varies for each class. You can check for available classes and sign up online. New visitors can try a week of free courses without signing up for a membership.

Jabz Boxing Circuit at Jabz Boxing

The Jabz Boxing Circuit class provides a total body workout for women at Jabz Boxing on 5512 N. 7th Ave. Participants will get to punch a boxing bag and work on improving their cardio and strengthening their core. There are multiple gym locations throughout Phoenix, and different courses are held each day of the week. Select and schedule a class on the Jabz Boxing website.

Megaformer Pilates+ at The Body Lab Pilates

This course features a full-body workout with Pilates instruction and exercises on the Megaformer machine. Although this is a high intensity class, it’s appropriate for any fitness level. The instructor will cover the basics of Pilates and work with you to better manage your breathing, target your core, improve your balance, and more. The Body Lab Pilates is at 21001 N Tatum Blvd. Sign up for classes on the gym’s website.

Pilates Cardio Circuit at COR

COR (10436 N 32nd St) delivers a fun mix of barre training, Pilates, and strength training. If you want something dynamic and different every time you visit, sign up for this class online. The instructor will guide you through a routine that includes Pilates, NitroFit, TRX, and core work. This is a low impact, high intensity workout that isn’t recommended for beginners.

Bike | Spin at Sweatshop on Central

Sweatshop On Central is a gym on 100 East Camelback Road that specializes in yoga, cycling, and barre exercise. If burning calories and slimming up is a priority, you’ll love the Bike | Spin class. There are 45-minute sessions held throughout the day, so whether you only have time in the morning or afternoon, you can push your endurance and improve your cardiovascular health here. Sign up for courses on the gym’s website.

Joining a fitness class in Phoenix is a great way to meet others with similar goals and reach your own objectives for staying in shape. If you’re having trouble staying motivated or just want to explore what the city has to offer, try one of these challenging and fulfilling courses.


Reformer Pilates Photography – Lunge Exercise Monochrome” by runawaypilates is licensed by CC BY 2.0