Never Forget a Car Service

January 11th, 2018 by

Back in the day, responsible car owners tracked the dates of their maintenance services in the back of the owner’s manual or another simple paper document kept in the glove box. Today, it’s easier than ever to log the tune-ups and services your car has received and set reminders for upcoming oil changes, tire rotations, and other procedures to keep your vehicle at its best. These are our four favorite apps designed to take the stress out of regular car maintenance.

  1. AUTOsist

This free app for both Apple and Android platforms allows you to set up a profile for your vehicle and has a built-in scanner so you can easily upload service records and receipts. Add notes and details so it’s easy to search for the files when you need them, and store important documents like your registration and insurance information. It also allows you to set up service reminders based on the recommended schedule for your car so that you’ll never miss a required appointment. If you sell your car, you can easily transfer the entire record to the new owner with a push of a button. The free AUTOsist subscription provides access for one vehicle, but additional vehicles can be added to the account for a one-time fee of $5 to $10 depending on the plan you choose.

  1. Gas Cubby

Named as one of the best car maintenance apps by Wheel magazine, Gas Cubby tracks your car’s fuel consumption and gas mileage so you can get a true picture of the vehicle’s fuel efficiency. In addition to this primary function, however, this free iPhone app also allows you to set reminders that alert you when it’s time to schedule an oil change or other maintenance services.

  1. AutoCare

Another Apple-based app, AutoCare is a one-stop shop to keep track of every detail about your car, allowing you to track required maintenance as well as store your fuel and service records. For a cost of $2.99, you can access maintenance reminders and other features for an unlimited number of vehicles. Download reports on MPG, stats, gas price, gas expenses, and service expenses as well as set customizable service reminders. The AutoCare app syncs your data to iCloud so you’ll always have this information handy.

  1. Vehicle LogBook

If you’re a dedicated Dropbox user, this app is for you. It takes the concept of a traditional vehicle log and makes it digital, automatically creating a Dropbox file with the data you enter so that you can access it from anywhere. Features include maintenance reminders and storage for license details, insurance, engine stats, and much more. Vehicle LogBook is available for both Apple and Android platforms.


Image via Flickr by fitmech98, used under CC BY 2.0