Outdoor Adventures in Phoenix

March 9th, 2017 by

Outdoor Adventures | Phoenix, AZ | Rocky's Auto CreditPhoenix, Arizona, is a great place to be outside if you like the open air and exciting outdoor activities. Whether you live nearby or are just visiting, there is a wide assortment of activities that demonstrate how much fun this city can be. So if you want some fresh air around the area, here are several great outdoor adventures in Phoenix.

Western Destinations Canyon Creek Ranch Tours

Phoenix has a long history involved in the Western expansion of the United States. This includes many of the things that people associate with the topic, including ranches. To get a better feel of what life was like during the Western expansion, you can visit Western Destinations Canyon Creek Ranch.

Here, a guided tour shows you what it was like to live and work on a ranch back in the day. The tours are highly rated, especially since the guides are knowledgeable and skilled at leading you through different aspects of ranch operations. It is a great way to learn more about history while exploring the great outdoors in Phoenix.

Rainbow Ryders, Inc.

One of the best ways to explore nature is to book a sightseeing trip with Rainbow Ryders, Inc. They provide hot air balloon rides over the Phoenix landscape so you can get a better view of wildlife and nature in some of the more difficult-to-reach areas. You can get an aerial view of the horizon from up to 10,000 feet, or you can float through isolated areas to get a better look at the indigenous wildlife. It is definitely a memory that you will have for a lifetime.

Phoenix Zoo

If you want to take the family out for an enjoyable day involving animals, you can take them to the Phoenix Zoo. It is highly rated by both zoo accreditation facilities and patrons. It is a great way to get out and enjoy a variety of different animals at a place where you can learn more about them. Both children and adults enjoy spending time at the Phoenix Zoo, as there are plenty of different animals to see as well as other exhibits to experience.

After your day getaway with the family, you can make other plans at night for a full day of excitement. The zoo recently extended its open hours to give you a better look at the animals throughout the entire day. The zoo also sponsors a variety of associated organizations for families and nature aficionados. You can join one of these many groups or participate in one of the several sponsored events, including the Zoo Move & Groove 5K and Festival.

The Phoenix area is full of fun and interesting things for you to do with your family on a regular basis. Being outdoors is a great way to build connections with the area around you and with family members while enjoying all that nature has to offer. Phoenix is often sunny with good weather, so there is plenty that you can do outside.


Image via Flickr by Rebecca Chatfield