Sedan or Crossover, Which One Is Right for You?

April 20th, 2017 by

Sedan or Crossover | Mesa, AZ | Rocky's Auto CreditIt’s the perennial choice that plagues motorists everywhere, especially those searching for a vehicle suited to families: sedan or crossover? The two vehicle types differ quite considerably in terms of how they look, but they also come with some similarities. Find out below about the key differences between the two vehicle types that will give you a clearer picture on whether a crossover SUV or a sedan will suit your needs. 

Fuel Economy

When it comes to fuel economy, the sedan is the clear winner here. Crossover SUVs are heavier than your average sedan, and they’re also built on a raised platform. The crux of this is that the engine needs to work harder to move the vehicle, thereby using more fuel in the process than a sedan. If better fuel economy is your number one priority, a sedan will suit you more than a crossover SUV. Although you need to consider that some crossover SUVs come with hybrid engines that offer superb fuel efficiency.

Interior Space

One of the cornerstone selling points of the crossover SUV is that it offers an amazing amount of interior space without the humongous build of a full-size SUV. Medium to large families who need a lot of interior space and cargo room would be better opting for a crossover SUV over a sedan. Many sedans strive to offer ample legroom and headroom, and some of them achieve this, but they still cannot rival the crossover SUV for interior space.

Driving Position

People differ in terms of their preferred driving position, and one of the key differences between sedans and crossover SUVs is how you view the road. In a sedan, your seating position is much lower, which means your view of the road is less commanding. The raised suspension on a crossover SUV leads to a different driving position that some people prefer because of the enhanced visibility. The best way to gauge your own ideal driving position is to take both vehicle types on a test-drive and assess which one offers the most comfortable driving position.


Crossover SUVs come at a premium compared to sedans because of the extra body cladding required to build them and because of the need to include a raised suspension system. If one of your key constraints is budget, you’ll find that most sedans are cheaper than crossovers. The advantage of saving money on the premium you pay for a crossover is that you can load your sedan with extra tech or styling features for a more customized vehicle.

All-Wheel Drive

Most crossover SUVs come with an all-wheel drive system for better handling in a variety of challenging weather conditions in addition to better driving on difficult terrain. Some sedans include all-wheel drive now to compete with crossover SUVs, but they are the exceptions rather than the rule. All-wheel drive is not a must-have for everyone, though, so you need to decide how important improved handling is in challenging weather.

You should now be able to make a more informed decision on whether a sedan or crossover SUV would better meet your needs.


Image via Flickr by cartestr