Sedan or Crossover, Which Vehicle Type Will Work Best for You?

April 19th, 2018 by

In recent years, crossovers have surpassed sedans in sales. While crossovers are all the rage these days, there’s still a place for the comfortable sedan. If you’re buying a new car and trying to choose between a crossover and sedan, here’s what to take into account.

The Capable Crossover

The Weather

If you live an area with heavy snowfalls and harsh weather, a crossover with its higher ground clearance is a better option. Most crossovers are designed with front-ends that ride up and over plowed snow. This means less time shoveling snow to get out of the driveway. The higher riding position also makes it easier to see ahead in dicey weather and over snowbanks.

All-Wheel Drive

If you want a vehicle that strikes a good balance between being a great city runner but is also ideal for weekend escapes in slightly rougher terrain, the crossover is the one to get. There are several crossovers that offer all-wheel drive and light off-roading capabilities. While there are many sedans that offer all-wheel drive, they lack the height and ground clearance that a crossover offers.

Cargo Space

One of the main reasons moms love crossovers so much is for the space. Crossovers can fit child car seats easily and you don’t have to bend to strap kids in. They also have plenty of space for cargo. Some feature a hands-free liftgate making it easy to access the cargo area when you’re carrying grocery bags. For those who don’t want a full-size SUV or a minivan, the crossover is a nice balance between a hatchback and SUV.

The Comfortable Sedan

Smoother Ride

Sedans often beat crossovers when it comes to a smooth and comfortable ride. Because sedans are lower to the ground, they have better road holding and cornering than many crossovers. Some are sportier with juiced up torque and improved suspension. Full-size sedans have a spacious cabin and many, especially luxury sedans, offer a quiet and refined drive.

Better Fuel Economy

While automakers are making great strides in improving fuel efficiency in crossovers, they still lag behind sedans when it comes to fuel economy. Overall, sedans are still more fuel-efficient than crossovers and SUVs. If you’re constantly on the go, use your vehicle for business, or love long road trips, a sedan will make your tank go further.

Lower Pricing

If budget is a big consideration, your best bet is a sedan. Crossovers, on average, are more expensive than sedans. Crossovers tend to be a mix of vehicle types and try to offer as many features as they can. This makes them more expensive to build. Sedans are the more affordable option and if you shop around carefully, you can score a sedan loaded with more features than a crossover at the same price.

Both a sedan and a crossover are great for singletons and families and both come with a long list of safety features. Deciding which one is best for you comes down to preference, driving needs, and lifestyle. Visit a dealer to take a look at both styles of vehicles and see which fits your needs best.


C-X17 Sports Crossover Concept Revealed via Flickr by jaguarmena and used under CC BY / Cropped From Original

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