How to Make Your Tires Last Longer

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front tire; red wheel boltsTires are essential to driving because they help keep your vehicle moving. But they’re also an expensive investment. While changing your tires is inevitable, there are things you can do to make them last longer. Here are several tips to do just that.

Alignment Matters


Tires are usually fitted in the shop using laser beams to make sure the fit is precise. But how those tires are aligned also impact the wear on them. The toe or stance of the tires is one way to check for wear. If the toe of the tire is facing out, you may see wear called feathering.

Check the camber, or the tilt of the tire toward or away from the car’s frame by standing in front or behind the car. If the tops of your tires are closer than the bottoms, the treads on the inside wear away quicker. If they tip out, the outside wears away quicker. Getting your tires aligned, if you see wear, is another way to help them last longer.

Check the Air Pressure Regularly

Tire pressure matters when it comes to tire longevity. Set a reminder for yourself, if necessary, to check your tire pressure once a month. Don’t forget to check the inflation levels while you’re at it. The best time of day to check tire pressure is early in the morning or a few hours after you get home for the day. This allows for the air in the tires to cool so you can get an accurate reading.

Tires actually lose a pound or two of pressure each month on average. If you only check every six months, the chances that the tire will have a flat spot where the rubber meets the road are fairly good. This leads to tire wear and affects gas mileage. If your car already has a tire-pressure management system, use it to help you keep your tires in check.

Driving Habits

Keep an eye on your driving habits to make your tires last. Not speeding, using caution while driving, and not slamming on the brakes helps keep your car in good shape. The same logic also applies to your tires. Avoiding slamming on the brakes, quick starts, and taking fast turns will help keep the wear on your tires to a minimum. It’s also a good idea to avoid hitting curbs, rocks, logs, and potholes.

Make visual inspections part of your good driving habits, too. Don’t wait until you think there’s a puncture in the tire. Other things that get in your tires cause wear as well. So look for things like tread wear and bulges. Scrapes, caused by constantly scraping the curb, lead to tires that wear faster.

Keeping your tires in good shape helps your car and saves your wallet from frequent repair or maintenance bills. Following these simple tips from Rocky’s Auto Credit will help you get more out of your tires and keep your car on the road for many miles.


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